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Joining Jasma’s Yoga class was the best decision I could make! Her class is nothing like a group session as it feels very intimate and special, it feels a bit like home.


‘Yoga with Jasma’ really helps me connect with myself and gives me an opportunity to take a moment and pause from the busy life.


Jasma is a warm soul, very thoughtful and kind, with a great energy that always touches your heart. I deeply love being her student, she has many great teachings to share, I feel very fortunate to have her in my life and I thank her for being who she is.  (my favourite part is the neck and shoulder press at the end of the class:) )


I look forward to every class with her! Thank you Jasma for everything you do x “

Andreea D

Thank you for today’s class Jasma. It was a tough one for me today and obviously released a lot of toxins - consequently feeling quite emotional! It is an absolute privilege to feel this way and to be able to practice with you.


Having attended several yoga classes over the years I’d decided yoga was not for me UNTIL my daughter took me to Yoga with Jasma as one of my 70th birthday “experience” treats.


Wow what an amazing experience!


A combination of breathing meditation and stretches ending with a guided relaxation. What I always thought a yoga class should be. The class left me totally relaxed with an inner warmth.


Thank you Jasma.


Following today’s class, I thought the different hand positions and how it felt really strange with one hand resting on the back and one on the palm. It is good to be reminded about the breath as it makes such a difference. 


I have been practicing yoga for many years with various teachers. I started going to Jasma’s classes because I have known her for a long time and thought she would make a good teacher. She is a GOOD teacher.


Jasma explains what we need to do and reminds us of all the little things such as pulling in our stomachs, making sure our necks are lengthened, the small but valuable queues that make a difference.


The classes are different every time. The pace is not too fast but it can be challenging. She considers the abilities and injuries of the class participants and gives variations where necessary.


There is always time for relaxation at the end with scented oil and an eye pillow. Jasma is very calm and friendly.


I enjoy the classes and have recommended them to other friends.

Kay C

As a regular Yogi, I have practised at various studios with various instructors, however since starting my weekly practice with Jasma, I am finding myself positively learning all over again. Jasma is a passionate and infectious spirit with a wealth of knowledge around Yoga and anatomy, this is evident in each of her classes I have attended.


Currently I am working on refining the postures and poses that for so many years I have been doing without nurturing the body in the correct way. 


Each practice, Jasma prepares and comes to the sessions ready to lift and motivate, she gives all of herself to each class, which leaves me not only feeling physically energised, but also emotionally.


Thank you Jasma ! 

Sam C

Jasma’s class is a wonderful way to start my day. 


She is such an enabling and encouraging teacher and I love the words of wisdom she brings for us to meditate on each week.

Jules K

Having recently restarted yoga, I have found Jasma’s classes to be a welcoming and soothing oasis in my week.


The gentle movements, breathing exercises and hold positions, with variations for all abilities, have already improved my mobility and strength.


Jasma gives individual attention, and her own positivity and love of yoga always shine through.


My mind, and even my stiff hips, are thankful I found these classes!


The whole class experience feels so good for me! Honestly so glad I started coming!

Karen B

Jasma’s approach is warm, welcoming and inspirational. She infuses her teaching with a passion for yoga and all it offers and an equal gift for sharing this with us. Her classes offer a blend of stretching, balance, toning and relaxation with a focus on breathing and technique but always conscious of individual needs. It’s a perfect way to start the day: I leave both refreshed and energised!

Julia C

Having not done yoga before, if I’m honest, I started out a little sceptical about what it could do for me. But after a few months, I already feel more flexible, more able to hold the deep stretches and balances and I genuinely  feel better for doing it.  The style of teaching is just right - clear, instructive but not too high brow - you are encouraged to do what you can, with suggested alternatives where appropriate, and if you can’t do it, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a go. The relaxation session at the end is wonderful; I regularly drift into a deep meditative state and finish the session feeling calm and relaxed.

Julia S

I always wanted to learn yoga but had never quite got round to it. Losing my father during the Covid pandemic and been in lockdown gave me the nudge that I needed. I started by watching Youtube and learning the basic yoga moves and terminology. It was only after I had started to attend Jasma’s  Wednesday morning yoga classes that I formed a real understanding and connection with myself and my ability to do yoga. I never believed I was very good as I didn’t manage to attain many of the positions. Learning with Jasma taught me that everyone is capable of doing yoga and it is adaptable to one’s own needs and abilities. Jasma’s teaching style suited me as it was at a pace that kept the class of all abilities engaged and learning something new each week.  Lots of good tips and advice always helped make the more difficult movements and postures doable. Jasma has a rare quality to connect with each individual in the class. Her patience and spiritual aura has a lovely calming effect. She would share her knowledge of the Sanskrit yoga terms with clear explanations and meanings for us to reflect on and think about during class and at the end of class during Savasana. I couldn’t recommend her classes highly enough!

A Patel

Oh, Jasma. Your morning yoga sessions have become so important to me. Whether at home on a Friday, or now more often, in a group class on a Wednesday, they set my day heading in the right direction. I come away both relaxed and rejuvenated. I have never once felt embarrassed or discouraged by the limits of my range of motion. Quite the contrary, under your thoughtful and encouraging tutelage, I am aware of, and proud, of the gains in flexibility I’ve made. The small-class environment is friendly and supportive, and every week you add a little something that’s different while reinforcing and building upon the moves and positions you’ve introduced previously. While outside of class, I have used the breathing techniques you’ve taught numerous times to centre myself when the chaos of day-to-day life threatens to overwhelm.

Kelly G

Jasma introduced me to Yoga last year.  I was slightly reluctant as I generally enjoy high energy gym sessions.  I now look forward to my Wednesday morning lessons.  She gives time to everyone and understands all our aches and pains adapting the exercises to suit each member. Her classes are very informative, hard work but also relaxed and I wouldn't miss the head massage at the end for anything. Thank you Jasma.

Sue C

I have done yoga with Jasma for a year 1-to-1 and in class. From the very first class Jasma's passion for yoga was contagious and shines through at every session! I love how she share's her knowledge and enthusiasm with us during each class.  I am not the most flexible person, but Jasma always adjusts and adapts her instruction to my ability. I appreciate how attentive she is to everyone's individual needs during class. Her adjustments and modifications have been incredibly helpful in making yoga accessible to me and I never feel inadequate! Jasma's mindfulness and focus on breath throughout the practice really deepened my mind-body connection. I feel so much more present and grounded after attending her classes. I leave feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you for creating such a calming atmosphere.

Reza N

Yoga with Jasma is a fantastic part of the day - she is an inspirational teacher who is very attentive to the differing needs of the individual. Starting as a beginner, I have learnt and enjoyed many differing poses and breathing exercises. It helps to keep me fit both physically and emotionally, and I really enjoy the sense of calm in what is usually a busy day.

Wendy S

Jasma in her one to one lessons is calm personified. She allows me to control my breathing, narrow my focus and concentrate my myriad of thoughts down to a singular purpose; allowing me to have some inner peace and contentment not only for the duration of the lesson but whenever I reflect back on it.

Pete C

I have been practicing yoga for the past ten years, and I must say that Jasma is the most exceptional yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her instruction is incredibly clear and easy to follow, and I've come to realise that I had been doing some poses wrong in the past. Jasma's teaching style is filled with passion, and she goes beyond just focusing on the physical aspect of yoga; she also incorporates mindfulness and helps you connect with your mind as well as your body. One of my favourite parts of her classes is the little neck massage she gives at the end. It's such a thoughtful and relaxing gesture that leaves me feeling utterly rejuvenated. After every lesson with Jasma, I find myself in a state of complete relaxation and inner calm.

Cherry D

I was in need of rehabilitation when I started my 1-2-1 classes with Jasma, over a year ago. Through her nurturing and soothing techniques, my body was able to slowly revive and get stronger. I have done Yoga classes before but Jasma’s attention to detail and informative way of teaching means that I get the best out of each pose. I look forward to my sessions as I know that each class will be focused on my needs and I always finish feeling like I’m floating on air! I have also had the chance to attend the group classes and they are just as invigorating, with the same attention to detail given to all levels of students. I would thoroughly recommend Jasma’s classes to anyone looking for physical and spiritual uplifting.

Manisha L

1:1 yoga with Jasma sessions are energising for the body and restorative for the mind. She is incredible at adapting and amending the sequencing for you and your needs, taking special attention to injuries and strains (and as a menopausal women there are many). Her soothing voice leads you through the lesson so you float out feeling calm and positive. I especially like the beautiful quotes she uses as I am more focused about what I want from the class and life!

Sarah N

Jasma, your yoga sessions have been a wonderful start to my day.  A great approach at the perfect pace.  Thank you for adding balance to my life.

Pete G

Jasma is an excellent teacher. Her teaching style is gentle, focused and just what I need to get me through a busy Friday. I have been lucky enough to have some one on one sessions whilst the class builds up and she has made me very comfortable. I feel relaxed yet rejuvenated after each class. Thanks Jasma for my Friday rise and shine.

Sonal R



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