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A Patel

Jasma has a rare quality to connect with each individual in the class. Her patience and spiritual aura has a lovely calming effect.

Yoga transformed my life.

I started to practice in 2010. Quite unexpectedly, in April 2015, I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer (PSTT – Placental Site Trophoblastic Tumour) that had invaded my womb, lungs, liver, and brain. Against formidable odds, I believe my ‘yogic body’ and a positive mindset helped me to endure intense chemotherapy and the trial of an immunotherapy drug, which finally obliterated the disease.

Following the 18+ months of treatment, I suffered badly from neuropathy—where the nerve endings to your limbs are literally burnt by the drugs. I couldn’t walk. I was wheelchair bound, my hands couldn’t hold a spoon and I needed help across most aspects of my life. But I had goals and was determined and focussed. I had a life to LIVE and I was going to do all I could to flourish.

Inspiring. Passionate. Attentive.

My outlook now is much more about self-care—I look after me so that I am better able to look after those around me.  Meditation has been my rock, yoga my foundation and good vegetarian food, my sustenance. I am grateful for being able to make choices. And I choose to make the most of each day.


Cancer altered the trajectory of my life, eventually leading me to the path of yoga teacher training. Initially seeking to deepen my own practice, I discovered a profound love and respect for the knowledge that my teachers imparted. It is this that I wish to share with others.


Eager to learn beyond the curriculum, I taught some friends on a one-to-one basis. Slowly, the numbers of people I was teaching grew, as did my experience. I found I got a real joy from teaching, and luckily, I had a knack for it too—that, of course, was very helpful! In January 2023, I taught ‘An Introduction to Yoga for Beginners’ and I haven’t looked back.

My practice will always be different to what it was before 2015. I only have 70% feeling in my feet; some poses and balances are still tricky. However, when I employ the yogic tools of Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Meditation, I can accomplish so much more than I once thought possible. I have learnt to be patient, calm, focussed and to never give up. If I am ever in doubt, I return to my breath.


‘Breath is your superpower; it’s portable and free!’


Being a yoga teacher is an honour, and a gift I want to share widely. Teaching is the most rewarding part of my life, and with each class, I learn and grow. Forever a student, I look forward to a lifelong journey of teaching.

Delving Deeper

I love to create and cook simple, delicious, home-cooked food, and alongside walking, I swim and strength train to keep as fit and strong as I can. I am at my happiest when surrounded by music and inspired by travel, theatre, books and people.  I'm also mildly addictive to organising and decluttering!

My life beyond yoga...

First, to work with cancer patients, their families and the staff who care for the patients, to help manage the cancer journey 'positively'.  I would love to organise yoga classes specifically for those on their own cancer journey.    Secondly, run my own yoga retreat focused on movement, breathing, meditation, learning new skills, accompanied by great food in a stunning location.

If I could do anything it would be to...

It would start with yoga and meditation followed by a swim or a walk, then I would get creative with food before picking up a book or something to study or get inventive with photos.  Pottering around the house would also be bliss and I would finish the day watching The Great British Bakeoff or Great British Menu.

What a 'well-balanced day' would look like...

Lead a purposeful life, inspire and never give up!  I believe with a pocketful of determination and a large pinch of love, you can do anything you set your mind to.  I've learnt to face each chapter with faith and believe things will get better.  Always be present, only looking ahead and never back while always having a sense of humour.

My approach to life is...

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, 

YogaCampus, 16 months,

British Wheel of Yoga Accredited 

Chakra Yoga

Healing and the Transformation through working with Chakras

Katrina Repka,  7 weeks 

Yoga Alliance

Pranayama, The Hatha Pradipika and the Kundalini in Hatha Yoga

Doug Keller, 5.5 hours 

Yoga Alliance

Supporting Students with Common Injuries Workshop with

‘Dr Yogi’, 6 hours

 Dr Andrew McGonigle


If you're looking to learn yoga from a truly exceptional teacher, I highly recommend Jasma. Her expertise, passion, and caring nature create an incredibly enriching and transformative yoga experience. Whether you're a beginner or have been practising for years like me, Jasma's classes are sure to take your practice to a whole new level.

Cherry D

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